Art of Cityscape Photography

Take your cityscape photography to amazing new levels with this fast-paced, information packed tutorial by Jimmy McIntyre

Post-Processing Tutorial - The Art Of Cityscape Photography Create Stunning Cityscapes course 1
  • Leave your audience wanting more
  • Complete your post-processing skills
  • Learn 3 incredible exposure blending techniques
  • Master 100% Non-Destructive Photoshop Workflows
  • Get the most out of Nik HDR Efex & Photomatix
  • 7 complete workflows that will take your knowledge of digital processing to amazing new levels
Images You'll Work With 1 NYC Skyline1. seattle lights 1. Bay Bridge What is included in the course?
  • 7 full workflows
  • RAW files for you to work with
  • 16 point Luminance Mask Action Set
  • Total size is 2.4gb
What will you learn?
  • 2 new exposure blending techniques that will rapidly and cleanly blend multiple exposures
  • Deepen your understanding and use of Luminance Masks
  • Blend vibrant light trails in seconds into your images
  • Create powerful vignettes that control the viewer's eye
  • Create incredible reflections
  • Use Gradient Maps to add a unique mood to your images
  • Develop natural, sharp, noise-free cityscapes in Nik HDR Efex
  • Develop your understanding of Photomatix
  • Use selective color to powerfully enhance an image
  • Add lights to buildings to create more vibrancy
Software Requirements
  • Photoshop CS3 and above
  • Nik Color Efex
- Suggested Software -
  • Nik HDR Efex (1 tutorial)
  • Photomatix (1 tutorial)
- Optional -
  • Noise Removal Software
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