The Art of HDR Photography

The best HDR photography course in the world

This photography workshop will take your skills in High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging to the next level.

The Art of HDR Photography - A Beginner's Course This quality course, from HDR One magazine editor and experienced HDR photographer, is the best value in its field. High Dynamic Range processing can turn your photos into stunning images that mesmerize onlookers. Yet, getting that 'Wow' factor is not an easy thing to achieve when you first start out. On top of the steep learning curve involved in using HDR programs, you also have to have awareness of the myriad of pitfalls that are a side-effect of the HDR process. Jimmy McIntyre has created this course to push you through that learning curve and arm you with the necessary skills in Photomatix and Photoshop so that you too can produce stunning HDR imagery.

What others are saying about the course

Chris Newham -

"If you want an hdr course at a good price you should look no further. I am taking this course the videos are clear and demonstrate everything, all the files are provided for you to follow along and you can compae your result with Jimmy's. I'm very pleased, I think you will be too."

Steve Rich -

"Wow, I just purchased the course, first video really gave me some interesting techniques. Thanks so much for the hard work."

Bruce R. Jarvis -

"I am working my way through the 10 workshops for the second time. It will make you a better photographer, and help you think about using Photoshop in an entirely different way... Great!"

Albert Uy -

"I almost did not instantly purchase this course because it was labeled as a beginner's course to HDR. But I ultimately gave it a try. I my amazement the course was truly an eye opener. It opens a new horizon of approaching the HDR process. I now as I see the photos in HDRONE SITE, HDR can delivery true beauty to our photography. I am currently look forward for more courses to offered. It is truly revolutionary."

  What the course includes
  • 10 full video workflows taking you from the original files to the beautiful HDR photo.
  • 30 original tiff files for you to use as you follow along with the tutorial.
You will learn to
  • Create stunning HDR imagery
  • Control halos
  • Control noise
  • Remove ghosts
  • Make your images pop
  • Create beautiful interior shots
  • Create realistic HDR
  • Create surreal HDR
  • Understand how to use light to create mood in your images
  • Remove Chromatic Aberration
  • Use Layer masks
  • Add a few extra tricks to your photos to give them a kick

Is this course for you?

The real question is: Are you getting the best out of your HDR images?

This course was designed for beginners and low-intermediate photographers. However, the level of depth in this workshop could appeal to HDR photographers across the board.

Please note: This course assumes that you know what HDR is and how to use the correct settings on your camera. It does not introduce you to the Photomatix sliders one-by-one. Instead, you will learn what the most important sliders do as we work through the images. That way you'll gain an intuitive sense of what Photomatix can do for your photos. This is a process-intensive course with very little talk of theory. From the first second until the end, we work on processing techniques.

How long is each video?

Each video varies in length. In total you get around 3.5 hours of tuition. However, This is not a 'quick fix' workshop. With the knowledge that you can press pause at any time, I work incredibly quickly. Processing each photo in real time would take hours so I give you all of the steps and show you all of the techniques but you don't have to sit and watch me work through it all. You'd fall asleep if that was the case! If the videos were real time the length of the workshop would be closer to 20 hours.

Are the videos HD?

You will be able to work happily with both the video quality and sound quality which are good. The videos are 1280 x 720 in size. To keep the download size manageable, the videos are not HD but that shouldn't be an issue.

How much does it cost?

The entire Art of HDR series costs just $29.99

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